Overcoming the Guilt of Filing Bankruptcy

Many clients face the hurdle of guilt before filing bankruptcy.
Most Americans want to pay their debt and were brought up on the fundamental principle that we are each responsible for our own actions, the money we borrow, and the decisions we make.
But sometimes circumstances and situations beyond the client's control forces them to file bankruptcy.
Many people that have filed bankruptcy have filed because of four circumstances beyond their control:
  1. Loss of Job
  2. Loss of Spouse
  3. Disability or Injury
  4. Divorce

Any of the above mentioned circumstances can change your financial situation where you can afford your normal life and pay outstanding debts. Some people try to take a second job to keep their head above water only to find that the second job still wont help their debt situation.

If you are in a situation beyond your control dont feel guilty if you are considering bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy has been around since our founding fathers ratified the Constitution of the United States (Article 1 Section 8 Clause 4). Our forefathers in all their wisdom knew that in a land of risk takers, entreprenuers, and business people that circumstances and situations arise that cause financial ruin and that in order for the early American economy to thrive people would need a fresh start if they got into financial trouble.

Many famous Americans have filed bankruptcy and have used their fresh start to accomplish great things. Click here: http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/personal/11/19/mf.successful.people.survived.bankruptcy/index.html

If you are thinking of filing bankruptcy but can't overcome the guilt... Call me, Shawn Bartley, Esq. to chat about your options and if bankruptcy is right for you Phone # 301 741-4124. http://www.bartley-law.com/.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy www.Bartley-Law.com

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most favorable option for many consumer debtors if they can qualify for it!
Why is Chapter 7 the most favorable? I can think of 1 big reason:
  1. Chapter 7 allows for a "Fresh Start". "Fresh Start" meaning that the bankrupt debtor can be discharged from the liability to pay old unsecured debts which include credit card bills, store accounts, medical bills, small claim judgments, and service account bills.

Think of all the extra money the bankrupt debtor can free up and get their life back on track if they were not weighed down by the monthly credit card debts!

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