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Preparing to File Bankruptcy - 10 Simple Steps

You have made the decision to file for bankruptcy. You have determined that your income cannot sustain the debt and bills you have accumulated. You feel frustrated but you have decided that filing bankruptcy is the best way to get the bear of financial burden and stress off your back.

What do you do next?   Well we have devised a simple  plan for you to prepare filing for bankruptcy.
This is not legal advice. But instead a plan that can help you get prepared to meet with an attorney at to file your bankruptcy petition and case.

1.  Gather all the information you have regarding your monthly or annual income and/or profits (pay stubs, pay advice, receipts, payments received, child support, alimony, inheritance, pension, retirement, social security benefits, personal injury awards, collection awards, stock payments, dividends, trust payments, annuities, etc...).
2.  Add up all your income or profits you receive on a monthly basis.  Keep this amount handy.
3. Gather all the information you have regarding your monthly debts and payments (credit card bills, charge accounts, store accounts, electric bill, water bill, garbage bill, cable bill, cell phone bill, gas bill, mortgage payments, rent payments, student loans, personal loans, alimony, child support, etc).
4. Add up all the monthly debts and payments.  Keep this amount handy.
5.  Gather all the information regarding your monthly living expenses (food, clothing, dry cleaning, laundry, house keeping, yard work, automobile gas, automobile insurance, health insurance, prescriptions, memberships, dues, parking, tolls, transportation, health, beauty, salon, gym, etc).
6. Add up all your monthly living expenses. Keep this amount handy.
7. Take the amount of income and profit you have, subtract your monthly debts, and subtract your monthly living expenses. (Monthly Income - Monthly Debts - Monthly Living Expenses = Net Income).  THIS IS YOUR NET INCOME.
8.  If your net income is less than $100.00 or a negative number call to consider filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy at  Ph# 301.741.4124.
9.  If your net income is more than $150.00 a month call to consider filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy at Ph# 301.741.4124.
10.  Keep all the information you have gathered and bring it to your first bankruptcy initial consultation with

When you schedule and attend an appointment with you will be counseled regarding bankruptcy.  At the initial consultation, an attorney will discuss with you the options available as alternatives to bankruptcy filing and the options available to you in filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a nuanced process and you should rely on an attorney at to assist you in the process to ensure your bankruptcy filing is successful.

We look forward to assisting you at in your successful bankruptcy case.  Please call us today to discuss your options.  Phone Number (301)741-4124

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